Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why You Should Get Glass Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures do not only contribute to the overall look of your bathroom, they also play an important role in functionality. This is why your choice of shower enclosure is crucial to your bathroom in terms of personal maintenance preference, long term plans and even your budget. Shower curtains often require a lot of maintenance to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the surface. If you leave the shower curtain carelessly out of the tub, it will drip and make a mess on the floor. In modern bathroom designs, shower curtains are not innovative or fashionable.

When decorating your bathroom, there are lots of ways you can make it functional, fashionable and easy to manage. The shower enclosure is one of the most important choice to make. Glass shower enclosures are the most modern, fashionable and functional options for shower enclosures and here are a couple of reasons why:

Glass shower enclosures are attractive

Not only do glass enclosures look sleek and chic, they also come in a variety of option to suit your bathroom design specifications. From clear, almost invisible, glass enclosures to etched translucent glass, you can play around with a variety of design options. Glass shower enclosures allow free flow of light into your bathroom to bring out the best features of bathrooms from polished tiles to shiny fixtures.

Customized options

You can customize glass enclosures to fit your bathroom specifications. Shower curtains come in a fixed size and design and there is little you can do to make it more suitable for your bathroom. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your old bathroom, you can find customized shower glass solutions for it. The glass can be cut down to size to fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your bathroom. You can even find glass shower enclosures for showers built into corners or awkwardly tight and irregularly built spaces.

Increase the value of your home

Glass shower doors and enclosures are a modern aspect of construction. Great looking bathrooms are a major selling point for homes on the property market. If you plan to resell your home in the future, opt to remodel your bathroom using glass doors and enclosures instead of shower curtains to increase its value.


You might think of glass as a fragile material that will not last long. Contrary to that thought, glass used for shower enclosures is tempered and treated to make it stronger and more durable. The glass is shatter and scratch resistant. Maintenance is as simple as wiping down to remove water droplets. For general cleaning a soft sponge and soapy water is enough to get the glass clean, as well as the handles and frame. The glass may even outlast the fixtures on the enclosure.

Glass shower enclosures are quite affordable and offer great returns on investment, especially during a resale. They also make your bathroom look much bigger with all that flow of natural light.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

Instead of using a shower curtain, why not try glass shower enclosures. They make your bathroom look more elegant, attractive and well lit. Glass shower enclosures are quite easy to clean and maintain. They are also quite durable with proper handling and might just be the perfect addition to transform your bathroom. There are a couple of options for glass shower enclosures including:

Frameless glass doors
These are quite popular because of their flexibility. This type of glass door is suitable for such a wide variety of bathroom styles from clean and sleek designs to an elegant and classic looking bathroom. These doors are only hinged to the wall or the rest of the glass enclosure without any other attachment, besides a locking feature if necessary. This minimalistic design makes them very easy to clean and maintain. You can also find frameless glass doors with finishing that repels water spots and scum making it even easier to maintain. Frameless glass doors are a great way to showcase your shower.

Aluminum and glass enclosures
The aluminum just adds an extra touch to spruce things up in the shower. The glass panels are set to the aluminum frame mimicking the tiles in your shower. If you are looking for an eclectic feel or something out of the norm, then this style is perfect for your bathroom.

Glass block shower enclosures
Glass blocks are often used in a variety of applications for both home and office d├ęcor. They make great shower enclosures too. You can go without a shower door and use the glass blocks as a surround enclosure. They are versatile and can be fitted into various dimensions for privacy. The textured patterns of the blocks will give your bathroom some character as well. Blocks come in various styles, thickness and color so you have such a wide selection to choose from.

Sliding glass doors
These are ideal when working with limited bathroom space or corner showers. It gives you the chance to enjoy the elegance of a glass shower enclosure without the space for a swinging door. They are customizable to fit into various spaces and come in various styles. A partially frameless sliding door is quite affordable and has a nice airy look that would be perfect for your shower. The glass panels are designed to slide past each other hence the space saving design.

Tub enclosures
Glass shower enclosures are not only available for standing showers. If your bathtub doubles up as the shower too, you can get glass tub enclosures too. You do not have to be stuck with the old shower curtain. A tempered hinged glass enclosure for instance can transform your bathtub and keep the water in the shower too.  The great thing about tempered glass is its durability; it will not break when you bump it against the vanity or the toilet. Textured glass is also a great way to get privacy without the frosted appearance. The textures are even better looking with water running down the glass since it has a see through effect that masks specific details.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why You Should Get Double Paned Windows for Your Home

Double paned windows are made of two layers of glass with an insulating material in between. The insulating material may be a vacuum or a glass-filled space. Double paned windows beat conventional windows glass for the following reasons:

Insulative properties
Energy loses mainly occur through your windows and doors. Your HVAC system has to constantly work to maintain the indoor temperature since heat is constantly being lost through the windows if you have single paned glass. The insulative properties of double paned glass ensures that no heat is lost through the windows and that environmental conditions outside do not affect the temperature indoors.

Energy saving benefits
With double pane windows you can save a lot of money from your utility bills. In most homes built in the recent past energy efficient construction is a huge factor of concern. With the energy crisis we have today, any small effort towards saving energy goes a long way. Even if your home is older replacing regular windows with double pane glass can make a significant difference in your homes energy expenditure.

Noise reduction
Double pane glass windows are also good for noise reduction. The windows prevent transmission of sound from either side of the windows. If you live in a very noisy area like next to a railway or busy highway, the noise reduction quality of double paned glass can come in quite handy.

Protection from sun damage
You can also find double pane glass windows with a UV protection feature. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, discoloration of furniture and even affect your vision. Double pane glass windows allow the light to pass through without the heat and damaging effect of the UV rays. This creates a more comfortable environment inside the house and keeps your furniture and soft furnishings looking good as new.

Modern decorative designs
Double pane windows come in various finishing designs. The decorative frames made of wood, plastic or vinyl come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home. You have a huge selection of choice depending on the manufacturer and specific design you are looking for. There is always something for everyone. They are also very easy to clean keeping your home looking pristine and elegant.

Different options available for different climates
Double pane windows come in various options depending on the climate where you live. Some have specialized UV coating that allows the solar energy to get through the glass so you can reduce heating bills in very cold climates. In hot regions, UV coating is kept at a maximum so no solar energy can get through.

Energy star rating

When buying double pane glass windows, remember to check for the energy star label. This label is given to products that meet the highest level of energy saving qualities in their design according to the U.S Department of Energy grant. They meet the most serious energy-saving requirements that make them the ideal option for use in their application. 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Using Windshield Repair Resin to Fix Chips and Cracks on Your Windshield

The windshield is a very important safety feature and that is why it is found in all vehicles including jeeps and drop tops. It is the part of the vehicle that forms the barrier between the driver, wind and any flying debris that may prevent them from operating the vehicle properly. Vehicle windshields are often made of laminated glass, which are two layers of glass held together by an interlayer. Laminated glass does not break on impact. In most cases, it shatters while the interlayer holds the broken pieces together to prevent injury.

In case your windshield is chipped or cracked by flying or falling debris, you can repair the crack depending on the size of the damage. Auto glass repair specialists advise that you can carry out DIY windshield repairs on cracks or chips that are less than an inch wide and not in the driver’s line of view. Anything else should be left to the professionals.

Windshield repair resin
This is a substance used to repair chips and cracks on the windshield. It is the most important part of the repair process as it can save you from a very costly windshield replacement. The windshield repair professional uses the resin to fill in the broken off part of the glass restoring a smooth and clear surface.

The resin comes in different levels of thickness or viscosity and this often depends on the size of damage to the windshield. Deep cracks and extensive damage requires more viscous resin to seal the damaged area as compared to mild chips that hardly dent the surface of the glass that can be repaired by less viscous resin. The unit of measuring resin viscosity is cps. Viscosity can be as thin as water, 20cps or as thick as honey, 1,500cps.

Applying the resin
The area of damage has to be cleaned and dried completely before the resin is applied for proper bonding. Auto glass repair specialists often use a vacuum to search out all the dirt and moisture from the chipped area before injecting the resin. Once the resin has been applied on the windshield, it is cured using ultra violet light to seal faster. This reduces the process of fixing the windshield to as little as thirty minutes to an hour.

Auto glass repair DIY kits
You can also find low viscosity resin in auto glass repair kits for repairing windshield damage at home. Avoid repairing damage within the driver’s line of vision or at the edges of the windshield by yourself as these require a bit more expertise. Low viscosity resin is suitable for minor DIY repairs as it is not very difficult to use. If you want to tell whether you can handle the repair, run your fingernails across the surface of the scratch and if it does not get caught then you can use the DIY repair kit. Besides the low viscosity resin found in auto repair kits, high viscosity resin or commercial grade chemicals are not sold on a retail basis.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 Misconceptions About Auto Glass Repair

There’s a lot that can be done to get rid of those little annoying marks on your windshield. However, like many homeowners, you may have been misinformed about auto glass repairs. You may think that this kind of repair will cost you a fortune or make you leave your car for days at the garage but none of this is true. We are going to debunk some common myths surrounding auto glass repairs and provide you with accurate information to get the help you need fast and effectively.

1.     You can always fix the chip yourself
While there are dozens of auto glass repair kits available in the market, none of them can do the job right like a professional. Cheap repair kits often do a shoddy job and you’ll have to incur the cost of getting an auto technician to repair the glass. So instead of going through the hassle of trying to repair your own windshield, you need to trust a professional to do the job right the first time.

2.     You have to take your car for auto repairs where the insurance tells you
Your insurance company will certainly suggest some auto repair companies that you need to consider taking your car to. But the law gives you the freedom to take your car to any repair technician you want and the insurance company will still make the required payments. Don’t be forced to take your car to a glass technician that offers substandard services just because you have been told to by your insurer.

3.      Your windshield will not be safe after repairs
If windshield replacement services are done by qualified technicians, you shouldn’t worry about your safety because they have used the right equipment and techniques to install the new windshield.  The windshield will still prevent you from being ejected if you happen to be involved in a collision. Modern windshields are strong enough to support the roof if the car rolls during an accident.

4.     Your insurance company will raise premiums immediately after repairs
Insurance companies can cover the cost of most auto glass repairs. However, if you require a complete windshield replacement, you may be required to cover part of the cost. The issue that most people have that prevents them from seeking the necessary auto glass repairs has to do with the increase in premiums. Damage to your windshield is usually not caused by the driver and hence shouldn’t be a reason for the insurance company to charge a higher premium.  

5.     You don’t need to repair multiple small chips
Small chips need to be repaired as soon as they start forming. If you ignore those small chips they tend to spread and form bigger ones and your windshield may eventually need to be replaced which is a costlier exercise. As a rule of thumb, don’t wait for long before seeking any type of glass repairs. As soon as the technician recommends your car needs to be repaired, plan on having that done.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

How is a Windshield Made

A windshield is one of the most integral components of vehicle safety - it supports the roof structure and shields passengers from oncoming precipitation, wind and airborne objects. With such an important purpose, windshields are specially made using "float method" manufacturing and tempered heat bonding. This method helps the windshield to maximize the strength and security of the entire vehicle.
Windshield Formation
In the early 1900s, vehicle windshields began utilizing safety glass to increase driver protection. However, the glass originally used for this purpose was prone to shatter. When the vehicle made impact, shattering windshields caused more injuries than they ended up preventing. Auto makers developed a new system in the mid-1900s, which is still the product used today - laminated windshields.
Modern windshields are comprised of two laminated sheets of glass, held together in the center by a plastic coating. Laminated glass is more flexible and less likely to break after minor impact. When the glass does break, the pieces are more likely to stick to the plastic rather than scatter over drivers, reducing the chance of injury from dangerous glass fragments.
Glass Manufacturing Process
Raw materials are heated until they become liquid, then fed onto a sheet of molten metal, most commonly made of tin. The glass floats on top of the metal rather than absorbing it, spreading out and forming a flat surface identical to the metal sheet. Extremely high temperatures purge impurities from the glass as it makes its way through the float chamber on a conveyor belt. The manufactured glass then enters the lehr, a specialized furnace designed to gradually reduce the temperature of the glass. If glass is cooled too quickly, stress cracks compromise the integrity of the panel, making it more susceptible to shattering.
After the glass is fully cooled, it is ready to be cut to shape using a diamond blade. The glass sheet is placed in a curved mold designed specifically for an individual vehicle. It is heated until it bends to fit the windshield-shaped mold.
The final step of the manufacturing process is tempering, a heat-induced strengthening tactic. The windshield is quickly heated to high temperatures, then the outer surface is hit with cool, high-pressure air. This technique is known as quenching, and it compresses the windshield surface. Compressed glass can withstand a much harder impact, and when it does shatter, it breaks into small, harmless, non-jagged pieces. To complete the finished windshield product, two glass panels are bonded on either side of a plastic sheet using both heat and pressure in a specialized oven known as an autoclave.
Replacing Windshields
It is not possible to replace a windshield with another from a different model vehicle, even if the manufacturer is the same. The size of the glass is incredibly precise in order to fit cleanly within the vehicle frame. Every windshield has a different curve, width and height. It is critical to adhere to the manufacturer's specific measurements when locating a replacement windshield.
When your windshield cracks or chips, it is vital to seek immediate repair or replacement. Driving with a compromised windshield can have disastrous consequences, so ensure your windshield is completely secure.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Proper Auto Glass Cleaning and Maintenance Practices

Safe driving also depends greatly on clean and clear windshields. Your car windows take a beating from hailstones, heavy rains, abrasive wind, dirt, bird droppings, bugs and other debris. With a few cleaning and maintenance practices, you can keep your car windows looking great for longer.

Chose the right glass cleaning products

Cleaning your windows with regular soap when washing your car is not enough to keep your windows looking crystal clean. You need to find an auto glass cleaner that can handle the job well. Avoid toxic cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia, as there are health risks if you inhale the fumes. There are many eco friendly glass-cleaning products available in the market that you can use to clean your car windows. Ammonia products also damage window tint.

Using the wrong cleaning towel can leave the window surface with tiny scratches making it look dull and translucent even. For better glass clarity, you need to choose microfiber towels that have at least 300 GSM. These towels are lint free, hold a lot of water and will not dull the glass. They also have an electrostatic charge that lifts dirt and debris off the glass surface instead of dragging it across. Dump out the old t-shirts, towels and socks because they will only leave streaks.

Cleaning technique

Your cleaning technique is also important to getting that sleek professional finish when cleaning your windows.

·       Your windows should be the last thing to clean when washing your car so you don’t contaminate them with the detailing process

·       You should spray the glass cleaner on the microfiber towel instead of directly on the glass to avoid stray sprays.

·       Rubbing the glass in circular motion may seem like a good idea but to clean the glass effectively, you should use a back and forth motion then up and down to clean the entire surface without leaving any streaks.

·       Roll down the windows halfway to clean the top edge of the glass.
·       Use one towel to apply the glass cleaner and another dry towel to wipe and buff the glass.

Window cleaning weather

You should avoid cleaning you windows when it is very hot or in direct sunlight. Window cleaners evaporate easily and soapy water can leave stains and streaks on the window surface. Clean your car under a shade or in the garage if it is spacious enough when it is hot outside.


Dirty wipers will cause blurry areas on your windshield. Remember to clean the wipers too, otherwise the whole window cleaning effort will be futile. You can use vinegar to remove any dirt and debris stuck on the wiper blades so they can have full contact with the windshield when wiping. If you clean your wipers and they still cannot make full contact with the glass, you should consider replacing them. You should also keep the wiper cowl free of dirt and grime as this is where the wipers collect most of the dirt and debris.

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